A Teen Can Wisely Choose a Driver Education Course Without A Parent- True OR False

If you answered true to our question then you believe your son or daughter has the cognitive abilities to make sound decisions, especially in regards to learning a skill that involves their safety and others. And this may indeed be the case. There are exceptional adolescents (i.e. driving age teens 15-17 years old) that can weigh the pros and cons of the variety of driver education courses and make a selection based on logic and not on peer or popular influence.

If you answered false to our question then you most likely subscribe to the theory that adolescents are still developing mentally and will start to form critical thinking skills in their early twenties to mid-twenties. In fact, in the U.S., American colleges tend to have more success than American secondary schools in promoting critical thinking, especially in relatively small classes (Wass et al., 2011).

It has been my experience that many parents let their teen “research” various driver education courses and then choose their program based on a friend’s experience, price, proximity to where they live, etc. And while these may seem like good criteria to consider in choosing a school, there are other areas that need to be considered as well.

Regardless, most teens need continual parental guidance in major decisions that ultimately have an effect on the family. Choosing the right driver education school is vital to the teen’s acquisition of an important life skill.
Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on “How To Choose A Teen Driver Education Course In Texas”.

Steve Trimble
Director—Car Teen

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