As an adult, when you think about driver education you probably think of when you were a teenager, in a class run by a coach, with a film projector droning in the background. Well, times have changed and not necessarily for the better.
Most coaches are now completely out of driver education. Instead of getting the summers off, they coach year round. But back in the day, they supplemented their income by teaching teens how to drive during the long summers. And even though their minds were also mentally drawing up football plays with X’s and O’s, for the most part they did a good job and cared about the novice driver.

Now we have a very different business configuration for driver education. Traditional driving schools are being swallowed up by big corporations looking to monopolize the industry and push the mom and pop operators out of business. Teen driver education has become a sideline for these opportunists and one of a menu of different courses that have nothing complementary to add to a core teen driving curriculum. So they simply give little attention to beginning drivers.

State driving school licensing agencies in Texas have changed from the Department of Public Safety, to the Texas Education Agency, to most recently, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Just when one agency gains control and understanding of the industry it’s regulating, it’s switched to another by an indifferent legislature and the learning curve begins all over again.

(1) Very few popular “driving schools” actively teach good basic driving skills to teenagers. They run pre-recorded videos the whole course on autopilot and hope the student “gets it”.
(2) State agencies are overwhelmed and cannot effectively monitor schools and instructors to confirm the teen receives a quality education.
(3) Most online course providers push out a low quality product with insufficient oversight (i.e. very little to no interaction with a licensed instructor, animated videos that are cartoonish and lacking in educational concepts, etc.).

Car Teen can supply the old school feel online with a LIVE instructor and a class of students with a modern age virtual classroom where the students can participate and ask questions for immediate clarification. Let us show you how we can turn your teen into a well prepared, good novice driver and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Steve Trimble

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