It depends.  The “flow” is generally faster than the posted speed limit.  Sometimes, excessively fast.  And “go with the flow” is also one of those statements where everyone has their own definition.  I’ve had adult students in a defensive driving class that were ticketed for speeding and complaining that they were singled out of a speeding pack of drivers, when there were clearly others going faster than them.  Besides the raised questions of, “Well you were going too fast weren’t you?” And “How many times have you gone over the limit and never been caught?” They still feel wronged by being the unlucky one that did get caught.  They thought that by “going with the flow” an officer can’t pull everyone over at the same time, so why not take the chance.

And this is the way a lot of drivers view going with the flow.  When really it should mean that you’re not driving recklessly fast or excessively slow. You’re simply maintaining a pace that makes the other drivers around you feel comfortable and trusting that you’ll drive predictably.  Then it’s a win-win situation for all drivers.

So now that you know….Go With The Flow.

Steve Trimble

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