Is it worth it to take Driver’s Ed.?

Yes, it absolutely is. And here’s why: Driving is unlike anything you’ve done in your life. You must combine multiple decision making with physical skill and coordination, trying to anticipate the actions of others all in the context of a very short time frame. A good driver education program will teach you good basic skills to build on and guide you in a professional manner that is subjective and non-judgmental.

Of course, practice is key to advancing in your lessons so Mom or Dad can help you out there by practicing on areas you’ve already experienced with your instructor. So don’t miss this opportunity to get started the right way. Regardless of whether or not autonomous cars are in our future, it would be good to have this life skill mastered. Especially here in Texas, where it’s critical to learn teen driver education and apply your knowledge in a complex environment. Good luck and be safe.

Steve Trimble, Entrepreneur and Semi-Retired Safety Consultant (1980-present)

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