Our Mission

Preparing Texas Teenagers BEFORE they get behind the wheel.

Providing an Instructor Led Live Virtual Classroom with other teens.


Current Online Option in Texas

Independent Study

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Car Crashes
are the
# 1 killer of teenagers.
Do not take
Driver Education alone!

Need to call for help, 32- hour grind

Car Teen Online Virtual Classroom

Learn with other students, while at home

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Texas Certified Instructor

Car Teen Benefits

Teaching Staff

  • Texas Certified Instructors
  • Combined 50+ years of experience
  • Certified Third Party Skill Testers

Consistent schedule with options to meet 32-hour requirement

  • 16 two-hour sessions.
  • Know when you start and end.
  • If missing a day, can make-up time in another class covering the same material.
  • If emergency happens take up to six months to finish.

Course can pay
for itself

  • Only on-line option that can gain 15% discount off Auto Insurance*
  • Only on-line option which includes TDLR certified Drug and Alcohol Driver Awareness Program. (DADAP)
  • * Each Insurance company maintains own discounts allowed. Usually 10% for Driver Education and 5% DADAP

Car Teen

  • Car Teen offers the 32-hour classroom requirement of Texas Teenage Driver Education through an Instructor Led Live Virtual Classroom.
    16 two hour classes are held.
  • A Virtual Live classroom is a digital replica of a traditional classroom. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face, but via internet-enabled technology devices. (Must be Desktop, Laptop or Notebook- no Smart phones)
  • Classes occur on set schedules and time frames.
  • Students and instructors are online at the same time. The Car Teen Instructor will be present 100% of class time.
  • Learning activities and expectations are similar to those found in a traditional classroom.
  • Text- McGraw Hill- Responsible Driving Digital Textbook 2016- provided by Car Teen.
  • Other Readings- Texas Drivers Handbook PDF – provided by Car Teen.

“We will signup our sibling for his driver training with Car Teen and highly recommend others to use Car Teen for their training.”  Z.H.- Austin, TX

Car Teen

TDLR Approved for 32-hour classroom requirement License #: C3223
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