Behind the Wheel Technology
Behind the Wheel Technology

All kinds of Technology are available to assist and protect the new Teenage Driver as they learn and gain experience.  Technology is used in everyday life so why not driving.   Parent and/or Teens can visit the sites below.

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Moto Safety- Monitor your Teen driver in real time:

  • System tracks speed and alerts you when your teen is speeding.
  • Built-in motion sensor detects rapid acceleration or rapid starts.
  • Plugs into the OBDII port under your dash

MobiCoPilot- This Little Device Could Save Your Teen’s Life:

  • Monitor your teen’s driving right after you plug the device in
  • Access from PC, Tablet and Phone
  • Real-time updates refreshed every 2 minutes

Bouncie- It just plugs in:

  • Smart Connections: Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home
  • Updates the vehicle’s location while driving and then records its location when it’s parked.
  • Locate all your vehicles anytime

Many devices plug-in to the OB2 port primarily located under the Dashboard on the driver side.






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