It seems like every car accident that happens to friends and family, uninvolved persons seem to thank God that it wasn’t worse. And while it is a nice sentiment, it doesn’t really help the driver that caused the accident. What does help is an adjustment of thought towards their driving skills and for them to consider that this was a wake-up call that they need to reevaluate just how good of a driver they really are.

For example: If someone runs off the road after hydroplaning in wet weather, and is fortunate that they didn’t hurt themselves or others, should we, the concerned observers, think that it was heaven watching out for the driver or change our thought processes to “maybe our friend (or family member) should have been driving according to conditions”.  This teachable moment would also include learning that if the weather becomes too bad then simply pull over (if safe) or stop somewhere off the road and wait until the bad weather passes. Why try to push on in extreme weather conditions?

The best thing to come out of an unfortunate occurrence such as this is to make sure the driver doesn’t cause it to happen again. For if they learn nothing from this incident, it could repeat itself, and they may not be so lucky next time.  Accident avoidance and everyone’s safety would be an answered prayer for all concerned.

Steve Trimble

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